The Law Offices of Bob Dunst:   New Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cases

On October 17, 2005 the United States Bankruptcy laws will change.  There are a number of new requirements for filing bankruptcy cases including pre-filing credit counseling, income limits on Chapter 7 cases, new consequences for certain debts and a financial planning course requirement prior to receiving a discharge.

The Law Offices of Bob Dunst will continue to represent individuals filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in either the Central District of Illinois or the Southern District of Illinois for a fee of $1025.  This fee will include the court filing fee of $299.

There will be NO ADD ON COSTS for filing a bankruptcy with the Law Offices of Bob Dunst.  However, additional costs associated with credit counseling, financial planning courses or other charges mandated by the bankruptcy court will be extra costs to debtors.

The $1025 fee covers only the bankruptcy case and not Adversarial Proceedings. Representation in Adversarial Proceedings will require additional legal fees and require a separate written fee agreement. 

Attorneys Robert A. Dunst and William D. McGrath are available to assist clients.

Clients must pay in cash or with bank check the full attorneys fees and filing fees before representation begins.

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